“Oral Presentations” in the Conference Program / The language of the presentations will be in
English or Russian. 7 minutes presentations + 1,5 minutes Discussion

Oral presentation applicants (sorted alphabetically with respect to surname)

1. Associate Professor Zeynep ALKIN, MD., Gökhan DEMİR, MD-Turkey: Outcomes of 23 G pars plana vitrectomy in globe injuries with
intraocular foreign body.
2. Aysel DADASHEVA, MD., Professor Sevinc ASKEROVA, MD-Russia; Clinical radiation analysis of the structure of lacrimal duct in patients
with combined dacriology pathology
3. Mehmet Hidayettullah ERZEN, MD-Turkey: Functional Double Lacrimal Punctum and Canalicus anomaly
4. Burcu KASIM, MD-FEBO., Yusuf KOÇLUK, MD-Turkey: Arcuate keratotomy for postkeratoplasty astigmatism
5. Zarif KHAIDAROV, MD Sh.K. Makhmadov, MD., M.B. Karimov, MD., N.A. Kadirova MD-Tajikistan: Combined glaucoma + cataract surgery
from the corneoscleral tunnel
6. Ahmet Nezih KOK, MD., Professor Orhan ATEŞ, MD., Osman ÖNDAŞ, MD -Turkey: Which is better for using cycloplegic agent? Written or
oral consent
7. Associate Professor Fatma AKBAŞ KOCAOĞLU, MD., Associate Professor Elif Betül TÜRKOĞLU, MD -Turkey; Case report: Frontal
suspension with fasya lata in ptosis surgery
8. Zöhre MASIYEVA, MD., Professor Hayyam KIRATLI MD-Azerbaijan; Local recurrence of choroidal melanoma following enucleation.
9. Aygün NABIYEVA, MD-Azerbaijan: Case report: Efficiency of topical voriconazole in management of fungal corneal ulcer
10. Osman ÖNDAŞ, MD., M.Nuri KOÇAK, MD., Professor Orhan ATEŞ, MD-Turkey: IVIG Treatment For Early Remission In Post-
traumatıc Pres Case
11. Hatice Nur TARAKÇIOĞLU, MD., Burcu KEMER ATİK, MD., Associate Professor Abdullah ÖZKAYA, MD-Turkey: Surgeon’s
Experience Influences the Tamponade Preference in Retinal Detachment Surgery with 23-gauge Vitrectomy: A Single Surgeon
12. Ainagul MUKAZHANOVA, MD-Kazakhstan ; Distant screening in detection of refractive errors in schoolchildren

TROS / Conferance speakers-participants (sorted alphabetically with respect to country and

Participants ; http://2019.eastwestufa.ru/en/member/

Azerbaijan participants
1. Associate Professor Tural GALBİNUR, MD

Bashkortostan participants
1. Emin USUBOV, MD

Kazakhistan participants
1. Aigerim TULETOVA, MD-PhD

North Cyprus
1. Tünay BETON, MD
2. Şerife ÖZHUY, MD

Russia participants
1. Professor Sevindzh ASGEROVA, MD

Tajikistan participants

Turkey participants
1. Associate Professor Alper AĞCA, MD
2. Professor Yusuf AKAR, MD
3. Associate Professor Zeynep ALKIN, MD
4. Professor Orhan ATEŞ, MD
5. Associate Professor Altuğ ÇETİNKAYA, MD-FEBO
6. Sunay DUMAN, MD
7. Associate Professor Elif ERDEM, MD-FEBO
8. Mehmet Hidayetullah ERZEN, MD
9. Said Amanullah FARABI, MD ( Accompanying person; Tülinay FARABİ )
10. Professor Şansal GEDİK, MD
11. Professor Öner GELİŞKEN, MD
12. Burcu KASIM, MD-FEBO
13. Professor Levent KARABAŞ, MD
14. Associate Professor Pelin KAYNAK, MD
15. Professor Süleyman KAYNAK, MD-FEBO
16. Associate Professor Fatma AKBAŞ KOCAOĞLU, MD
17. Associate Professor Faik ORUÇOĞLU, MD
18. Associate Professor Abdullah ÖZKAYA, MD
19. Professor Hülya GÖKMEN SOYSAL, MD
20. Associate Professor Elif Betül TÜRKOĞLU, MD
21. Professor Ilgaz YALVAÇ, MD-FEBO
22. Professor Gürsel YILMAZ, MD

Uzbekistan participants
1. Ikboljon SALİYEV, MD-PhD
2. Azizbek ZAKHİDOV, MD-PhD

East-West 2019 / TROS Sessions / The language of the presentations will be in English

Mini Conferences  15 minutes x 5 ; Total 75 minutes

  1. Professor Ilgaz YALVAÇ, MD-FEBO-Turkey: Glaucoma Tube Implantation Tough Cases & Ways to Success
  2. Professor Öner GELİŞKEN, MD-Turkey: Prophylaxis for rhegmatogeneous retinal detachment
  3. Professor Gürsel YILMAZ, MD-Turkey: Pneumatic retinopexy in the treatment retinal detachment.
  4. Professor Levent KARABAŞ, MD-Turkey: Current surgical management of macular hole
  5. Professor Süleyman KAYNAK, MD-FEBO-Turkey: Treatment in suprachoroideal hemorrage : get rid of the nightmare.

Retinal Panel 10 minutes x 7 = 70 minutes presentations + 10 minutes Discussion  Total 80 minutes

  1. Azizbek ZAKHIDOV, MD-PhD-Uzbekistan;  Surgical treatment of retinal detachment complicated by macular hole
  2. Associate Professor Zeynep ALKIN, MDTurkey: Keratoprothesis combined with vitrectomy
  3. Associate Professor Abdullah ÖZKAYA, MD-Turkey: Innovations in vitreoretinal surgery
  4. Associate Professor Tural GALBINUR, MD-Azerbaijan: Surgery for retinal detachment secondary  to uveitis
  5. Professor Yusuf AKAR, MD-Turkey: Imaging in nonneovascular age related macular degeneration
  6. Rinat ZAİNULLİN, MD-Bashkortostan: Long-term results of surgical treatment of diabetic macular edema and epiretinal membrane
  7. Professor Şansal GEDIK, MD-Turkey: Imaging for differential diagnosis of choked disc and the role of OCT

İnteractive Retina Case Presentations   45 minutes

  1. Professor Öner GELİŞKEN, MD-Turkey
  2. Professor Gürsel YILMAZ,MD-Turkey

Anterior Segment Panel 10 minutes x 7 = 70 minutes presentations + 10 minutes discussion  Total 80 minutes

  1. Emin USUBOV, MD-Bashkortostan: Fundamental basis of security for crosslinking protocols
    2. Associate Professor Elif ERDEM, MD-FEBO-Turkey:  Efficacy of corneal crosslinking in microbial keratitis
  2. Aygün RAHİMZADE, MD-Azerbaijan: Treatment options for the refractive correction of keratoconus
  3. Associate Professor Faik ORUÇOĞLU, MD-Turkey: Tips and tricks for femtosecond laser corneal surgery
  4. Nazım ZAYNUTDİNOV, MD-Uzbekistan; The new approaches of the correction of high refractive errors using phakic intraocular lenses
  5. Ikboljon SALİYEV, MD-PhD-Uzbekistan: Trifocal IOL- a new era in the treatment of cataracts
  6. Emil HUSEYNOV,MD-PhD-Azerbaijan: Capsular bag distension syndrome: the reasons of occurence, treatment and management

Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology Panel 10 minutes x 5 = 50 minutes presentations + 10 minutes Discussion  Total 60 min.  

  1. Associate Professor Pelin KAYNAK, MD-Turkey:  Entropion and Ectropion
  2. Professor Sevindzh ASGEROVA, MD-Russia: Our tactics of differential diagnosis and treatment of combined pathology of the lacrimal system
  3. Associate Professor Altuğ ÇETİNKAYA, MD-FEBO-Turkey: Orbital decompression surgery
  4. Associate Professor Elif Betül TÜRKOĞLU, MD-Turkey: Conjunctival melanocytic tumors
  5. Professor Hülya GÖKMEN SOYSAL, MD-Turkey: Ocular manifestations in systemic cancers

Periocular Botilinum Toxin and Filler Applications, workshop   45 minutes

  1. Associate Professor Pelin KAYNAK, MD-Turkey
  2. Associate Professor Altuğ ÇETİNKAYA, MD-FEBO-Turkey